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I partner with curious and talented businesses to craft functional digital experiences, logistic enterprise tools, and healthcare services

do more with gokada


Working in the Product Department, I helped Gokada design internal tools for tracking their motorcycle drivers, built wireframes and mockups to improve the existing mobile application, and actively engaged with customers to ensure that their needs were being met. I ran interviews, focus groups, organized market research sessions, and supported the Operations, Marketing, and Technology departments by improving their internal processes.

 innovating athletic research with nike


Embedded in a team of incredible software developers, I worked alongside them and the Nike Sports Research Lab, to design digital tools for their researchers. These tools would increase their efficiency in the lab while attending to numerous elite and general athletes. The software and experience helped researchers with data collection, data management, and data visualization.

providing clarity in crisis with Claron


Working with Exitus Technologies, we helped actualize Claron. A platform for seamless communication, information alignment, and status updates in emergency situations. Active Shooter scenarios in America have been on the rise in recent years. Claron gives paramedics, police, teachers, and family members access to a shared pool of information.

By pressing the Arma device, or initiating an alert in Claron, users in the vicinity are notified of the situation, providing a platform to share vital information in a crisis. 


Teammates - Sean Eustice, Melanie Baczynski

Photography, Branding, Research, System Architecture, Interaction Design, UI Design

breathe through anxiety with freespira


Freespira is an FDA-cleared, physician prescribed, at-home treatment for panic attacks and other symptoms of panic disorder. The application measures the CO2 levels and breathing rates of users in real-time, and teaches them to breathe differently. Freespira provides an alternative to seeking help from a physician during attacks, while teach preventative behaviors.

Freespira uses a dedicated sensor to visualize exhaled CO2 levels and show when breathing is within the normal range. Throughout the course of the treatment, Freespira helps train users to maintain healthy exhaled CO2 levels, while stabilizing respiration rates.


Teammate - Lee Croy

Branding, User Testing, Motion Studies, UX Flow, UI Design

improving work efficiency with helios


HeliOS is a mobile application designed to improve the work efficiency of NASA engineers and astronauts, by streamlining their task execution process. The application is centered around the concept of Jobs.

In the application, Jobs, contain tool information as well as a note-taking area. The tool information allows individuals to easily locate tools and see any additional information. The note-taking feature allows individuals to keep track of any information they may need while performing a task. Adding teammates to Jobs facilitates information sharing between one another.


Teammates - Adam Menz, Lisa Ding, Maggie Bignell

Contextual Inquiry, User Testing, Rapid Mobile Prototyping, System Architecture, Copywriting

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